User Agreement

Mooda Medical Medical Clothing and work clothes


This Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement);

Adnan Saygun Cad. Mooda Medikal Medical Clothing and work clothes will be purchased from Mooda Medikal, located at Hıfzı Sıha Karşısı no: 6/6 Ankara / Turkey ( in short;

It is concluded between the person whose address and name/surname are declared in the "Member Information" field (hereinafter referred to as Member) within the scope of the following terms and conditions.


This Agreement has been concluded with the aim of ensuring that the member benefits from the services to be offered by and determines the rights and obligations of the parties.


The terms below are used with the meanings they are defined within the scope of this agreement.

According to this;

Member: The person who will benefit from the products and/or services to be offered through, who has applied for membership by accepting this agreement with and whose application has been accepted.

E-Mail Address: The e-mail address declared by the member and defined to the member account, the use, content and confidentiality of which are the responsibility of the member, defined during the establishment of the membership and which cannot be changed subsequently.

Password: Mandatory for accessing the services offered by via, which is used by the member together with his/her e-mail address and allows the member to be recognized by the system; Six 6 to 16 digit alphanumeric phrases determined by the member, for which all responsibilities arising from its use and security belong to the member,

Member Account: The account that members can use at to benefit from various products or services provided for in this agreement.

Product & Service: Goods sold and services offered for sale through operated by

Product & Service Fee: The sales price of the product or service offered to the members on

User: A real person who can visit publicly available areas of and is allowed to perform transactions in these areas, regardless of whether he is a member or not.

Credit Card & Debit Card: A printed card number or a card number that does not have a physical existence, which is valid in accordance with the relevant legislation and is issued by authorized institutions and allows members to purchase goods and services or withdraw cash without the need to use cash, which they can use in their transactions through the address

Service Channels: Mobile telecommunication applications, JAVA, SMS, WAP, ITV (Interactive TV), IVR (Voice response systems), Customer Services, kiosk and internet ( infrastructure, the selection of which belongs exclusively to platform and similar,

Gift Point: A printed document with physical existence or a number without physical existence, whose conditions of entitlement, allocation and use are exclusively under the authority of, and which provides various advantages to members and/or users.

Order Confirmation: A notification containing the details of the order sent to the members' e-mail address and/or mobile phone number via SMS registered at, in order to confirm the order they placed on

My Account Menu: Personal area accessed through, where members can follow the transactions they carry out within, the stages of their orders, and perform other permitted transactions.

SMS:Short Message Service,

Customer Services: It refers to the relevant section of where members can communicate in writing or verbally and receive information and consultancy services. In this agreement, the definitions have meanings in the singular, including the plural, and the plural, including the singular.


4.1 Membership Application

4.1.1 membership can be started by filling out the membership form appropriately. Anyone who applies for membership to by clicking on the relevant acceptance notification declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read and accepted all the provisions of this agreement, that he/she meets the necessary conditions for membership and that this agreement will be binding on him/her in accordance with his/her will and law. is a private club and reserves the right to not accept the membership application made by the person who wants to benefit from the services subject to this agreement.

4.1.2 The accuracy and legality of the information provided during the membership application is declared, accepted and undertaken by the applicant. Membership may be canceled if it is determined that the information provided is unlawful and untrue. In this case, the member cannot be liable for any product, service, expense, compensation, etc. under any name due to any transaction he has made on We declare, accept and agree that we will not request any, and therefore, cannot be held responsible.
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