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Mooda Medical in short

Mooda Medical and Workwear, which provides service in the medical clothing industry with a service approach aimed at providing quality and customer satisfaction, particularly highlights the advantage of fast delivery in the products it supplies. Quality fabric and careful sewing are indispensable for Mooda medical clothing products.

Mooda Medical and Workwear, which has adopted the principle of gaining the appreciation of its customers by providing production in a short time, provides medical clothing, nurse uniforms, doctor uniforms, white coats, doctor coats, sabot slippers, orthopedic soles to many institutions such as hospitals, clinics, veterinarians, pharmacies and beauty salons. It offers a wide range of clothing and medical products such as patient gowns and box gowns.

First of all, as Mooda Medikal ve İş Giyim, we would like to thank you, our valued customers, for their intense interest and appreciation. You have helped us take great steps at home and abroad in a short time... With the strength we receive from you, we continue to expand our product range with the logic of always one step ahead... Our aim is to deliver our high quality products to our valued colleagues at the most affordable prices.
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