Surgical Gown

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Surgical Gown

  • The surgical gown is made of linen fabric and is produced as a barrier liquid-resistant garment to protect the front and sleeves.
  • The product is made of microflament 100% polyester fabric.
  • It prevents static electricity on the body with carbon filament fibers.
  • The barrier on the chest and arms prevents unwanted liquids from coming into contact with the body.
  • As a barrier, a breathable 100% polyurethane membrane, identical to human skin, is used and laminated to the fabric.
  • Fluorocarbon is used in the barrier sections of the product to prevent the fabric from absorbing the liquid.
  • The product can be sterilized in an autoclave at least 100 times.
  • 4 laces suitable for tying from the front and sides are used in the product.
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