Turkuaz Renkli Kamuflaj Desenli Cerrahi Tek Üst V Yaka Terikoton İnce Kumaş Forma

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Turkuaz Kamuflaj Desenli Cerrahi Tek Üst V Yaka Terikoton İnce Kumaş Forma

  • Terikoton kumaştan üretilmiştir.
  • Kumaş özellikleri:  %35 Polyester - %65 Pamuk karışımıdır. 
  • Gramaj 110-125 gr/m² tir.
  • V Cerrahi Yaka takımlar Mooda Medikal kalite ve güvencesiyle imal edilmiştir. 
  • Ürünün hem bayan hem de erkekler için üretimi yapılmaktadır. V Cerrahi yaka takımların genel kullanım alanı doktor, hemşire, anestezi teknisyenleri, ebeler, veterinerler diğer sağlık personelleri olsa da endüstriyel işçi kıyafeti ve aşçı kıyafeti olarak da kullanılabilmektedir.
  • V Cerrahi Yaka takımın kumaşının ince olması kapalı birimlerde ve yaz aylarında daha çok tercih edilmesini sağlamaktadır.
  • Takımlarda 7 beden aralığı bulunmaktadır. XXS, XS, S,M,L,XL ve XXL şeklinde beden seçenekleriyle üretilmektedir.
Shipping the Order

Orders placed within Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Mersin, Kayseri and Bursa will be delivered within 3 business days (Monday-Friday) after receiving bank and financial approval, and orders placed within other provinces will be delivered within 7 business days (Monday-Friday). is delivered. Orders placed after 16:00 will be processed the next day. Orders are not sent on holidays and holidays.

If you have selected the I Want to Pay Shipping Cost at the Door option, transportation and delivery fees vary depending on the content of the orders, the type of delivery selected and the place of delivery. You will need to pay the transportation fee for your orders at the time of delivery to the transportation company employee who delivers the cargo. moodamedikal.com makes the necessary agreements with cargo companies to ensure that you, our valued customers, pay the minimum price for their orders.

If You Have Not Received Your Order

To resolve your questions and problems regarding your order, simply send an e-mail to our Customer Services Representatives ([email protected]). Our experts will evaluate the situation as soon as possible and contact you to provide information about the solutions.

When your order arrives, please pay attention to the following items;

1.    Your order will be packaged in a way that it will not be damaged in cargo and will be sent with Turkey's distinguished cargo companies.

2.    The products in your order are under the warranty of the relevant companies.

3.    If your cargo is opened, torn or physically damaged, please do not receive it. Inform the cargo officer that you do not want to receive the order because it is damaged. The cargo officer will prepare a report. A copy of this report will be given to you. Please keep the relevant copy.

4.    If there is any deficiency in your order, please contact us on our Support Line at  (0 312 434 0 422) between 09:30 and 19:00 working hours.
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